Time to follow a curriculum!

With the fluctuating demands of work, the increased frequency of nice weather and the requirement to spend some time away from my computer and in the company of my family I’ve found myself struggling to keep up any regular development practice.

I did manage to introduce a friend to FreeCodeCamp, and had a couple of Zoom calls with him whilst he tackled the curriculum, but I wasn’t doing much of it myself.

Time to seek some structure

I can’t actually remember what brought me to Codecademy this time around but I liked what I saw.

I’d used the site years ago for adding some new skills to my toolbox. It seems to have grown quite a bit since then.

Over the next 14 days I’ll be trailling their ‘_PRO’ subcription option, and I’ll probably sign up to carry on thereafter.

A bit of diversification too

I’ve chosen to follow both the Frontend and Backend career paths, rather than the emaglamated Full-Stack option, to give me the flexibility to change direction when one area starts to drag.

That’s the approach that’s a lot more like my time at university where there was often 4 or 5 different types of project on the go at any one time.

It also looks like it will give me the opportunity to develop a few ideas I’ve had which will require me delving into the mysterious world of Backend development!