Remember, remember… November?

A whole month has gone by without me writing anything here.

How did that happen?

Having fun?

They say that time flies when you’re having fun – but I’m sure it must also fly when you’re just really busy too?

That’s how work has been for me lately.

Fortunately, we’re busy getting stuck into planning our next round of discovery work to see where that take things – it’s exciting, but it completely drains me!

So for the last few weeks, I’ve finished work and just not really had the motivation to spend more time at the computer than was necessary 🤯


The need to write code

On a more positive note, I’m now in a position where I get to prototype in code once again!


Once again the stars have aligned and I find myself being able to practice the things I want to be learning in on-the-job tasks.

The opportunities keep presenting themselves – I get to create interactive prototypes, add them to GitHub and then publish them to Heroku for user testing.

I just need to spend less time in meetings so that I can have the energy to make use of them!


Working on workflow

When you spend a couple of years not using git every day, things get rusty.

I found another course on Udemy by Brad Schiff called Git a Web Developer job – mastering the modern workflow.

I watched (mainly listened to) the git videos whilst eating my dinner one evening and felt comfortable with most of what was being covered.

The next step/s involve jumping into Node.js, NPM and Webpack. These are all things I’ve worked with in the past, but which I never really got a good grasp of – so it should be… interesting!