*presses snooze*

My motivation has taken a beating these past few weeks.

My son is 2 and he’s been having a tough time with his sleep – which means we’ve all been having a tough time with sleep.


It was going so well!

Despite working full time, tutoring on the side and still managing to find time to spend with my family – I was often still energised enough to be able to get a good number of stints spent studying each week.

In the last month or so those energy levels have been depleted, and they’re not being topped up again just yet 😞

The determination is still there, but I’ve had to just stop for the moment.


Struggling in public

Always one to seek the learning opportunity, I think this situation has allowed me to realise that we all need to just stop sometimes.

Sharing my tiredness and sleep deprivation with friends and colleagues has proven to be cathartic – they too have often been through the same thing or similar (not all of us have kids after all).

Sometimes you do just need to let others know that things are getting tough to deal with.

We are all human, and most of us can be pretty understanding.


Ready to make progress again

Once you have stopped, and you’re close to getting back on track, the approach may need to be a bit different to how it was before.

This has been the case for me, mainly because I don’t know if my son is over it – or if it’s going to take another turn tonight.

So I’m having to re-think my approach to make sure that I can take baby steps towards getting back on track, rather than expecting to just jump straight back to the level I was at beforehand.

This is proving to be the same with my fitness routine too – it’s also been derailed, but it’s also getting closer to coming back.