Motivated monday!

Today I found myself with a little more time to dedicate to my Codecademy practice and I’m happy to say/see that it’s been put to good use!

Despite aiming for a half-hour, 3 days a week, today I’ve easily clocked up over 2 hours on the site, working through some javascript fundamentals.

FrontendFolio approach in practice 💪🏼

The content of each lesson on the course follows the same kind of approach I’d been going for, where there is some theory but there is then plenty of application of that theory.

One of the biggest benefits I’m seeing with Codecademy over some of the Udemy course I’ve watched is the code editor – which is very similar to the one on FreeCodeCamp.

Each lesson ‘forces’ you to code along and complete a task in order to move to the next one – this brings the theory and application together quite nicely.

There are mini-projects at the end of each section to reinforce what you’ve just learned by getting you to apply the info to a given problem.

Achieving all the way!

I’ve had a busy day at work, a few meetings and a couple of different projects to get back into and I also got in some time studying for my Professional Scrum with UX exam.

I’d actually got quite into the Scrum content during my studying, the framework just makes so much sense! So although I was tired, at the end of the day I took on the PSU 1 exam – and I passed it with a score of 90%.

Add to that my updated Codecademy progress levels:

  • Front-End Engineer – 6%
  • Back-End Engineer – 9%

Just as Ice Cube said, It was a good day.