Learning by doing (building)

Finding projects to work on in order to learn the skills to work on other projects has always been my downfall.


Not that kind of ideas person

I’m pretty creative. I’ve worked hard to be that way, though some of it does come naturally.

Given a problem to investigate, I can seek out and create loads of solutions to try and solve the issue/s.

Finding those problems, and problems to investigate isn’t so easy for me – I’m not that kind of an ideas person.

I can admit that.


Empty portfolio

It seems a bit silly to be putting together a dev portfolio when I’ve not got any projects to add to it, and yet that is the task I’m working on with CareerFoundry.

The portfolio project is a vehicle for getting familiar with HTML and CSS – not just the tags, but the semantics, accessibility and some of the different approaches that you can take.

Even an empty portfolio becomes a reasonable project for doing this.

Starting with the provided design, it becomes easy to focus on creating the proper structure to hold all the content. Semantic markup can be written because there is already a clear understanding of what is needed – of what information will be displayed here.


In the name of progress

Whilst the design may not be quite ‘Me’, in the learning process – I’m OK with that.

Anyone with a design background will know just how involving your portfolio can become – it’s a body of work itself!

For now, I can be content with the learning aspect – been if the output might need to be re-worked down the line.