First Codecademy gives, then they take it away!

Things felt like they were going really well, and then – suddenly they weren’t going as well.

I’ve been adding a weekly update of my Codecademy progress which have been steadily going up, which has been really motivational to see.

This week they went down!

What?! How does that happen?

That was my thinking. I wondered if I’d managed to revert some of the tasks to be incomplete.

Some users on Discord suggested that it could have been an update to the curriculum.

In fact, it seems it was down to an update about how the progress was calculated.

Mildly reassuring

I did breathe a sigh of relief when I realised I hadn’t done anything wrong and that it was down to the system.


This still did some damage to my motivation – for all of about 15 minutes.

I’ve managed to clock up just as much time with the curriculum, moving onto the second module on JavaScript syntax this week and also going back to some more FrontEnd stuff too.

Adjusted progress

Although I’m hoping to find some more time to study over the weekend, I thought I’d add my new/updated progress levels.

  • Front-End Engineer – 11% (No significant drop here)
  • Back-End Engineer – 9% (I dropped from 14% to 8%)