Crafting meaningful HTML – LinkedIn Learning [course]

In this course, Jen Kramer uses her practical approach to get you to take some plaintext content and add appropriate markup to it to ensure that the HTML is indicative of the purpose of the content.

The next approach is to take some existing markup and re-write it using more semantically correct tags – ditching the divs in favour of more accurate tags.

Finally, Jen covers some other tags that may not be used as often, but which can add more information into the markup.

Further Practice

I’ve mapped out a number of different types of practice in order to get some more experience in the approaches used in the course:

  1. Take markup from existing pages and make it more semantically accurate – ditch the divs!
  2. Use a static, visual design and write the markup to create it as a web page.
  3. For the lesser-used tags, create some small ‘components’ to demonstrate/practice with them – these could be the basis for future CSS work.