Coder Foundry bootcamp launches!

Progress has slowed on Codecademy this week – mainly because of the long-anticipated launch of the Complete .NET Coding Bootcamp from Coder Foundry!


It’s Alive!

3 months after I pre-ordered this course, it’s launched and I have to say – although the approach is different to Codecademy, I’ve really enjoyed it so far!

In my first sitting with it, I got everything installed, added the recommended VSCode extensions and started following along.

By the end of this session (a couple of hours at most), I’d ‘built’ a project, added it to Github and had it publishing the master branch to Netlify for all to see!


Learning by Doing

I’m always a fan of this approach, if I get too much theory I just switch off – I need to interact, be engaged and most of all, see results. This is exactly what I got with this course.

I’d been wanting to try and get something online with Netlify for ages, but just never got around to figuring out how to do it – it always seemed like there was so much to consider.

Now that I’ve done it, I’m keen to try and get some of my other projects set up in the same kind of way so as to keep things updated without having to remember to FTP the content across.

Seeing results like this, that quickly has me very excited to progress beyond the initial HTML/JS content and delve deeper into C# to see what else is possible.


Still making progress

Codecademy has me currently going over a bunch of CSS content that I already know fairly well and its content that hasn’t really changed since I first learned it.

It is still enjoyable to tackle the various tasks, especially when I don’t need to refer to any notes/documentation – but the pace has slowed a little.

  • Front-End Engineer – 17% 
  • Back-End Engineer – 10%