Backend is boring

That’s what I’ve always thought.

Now, I’m starting to think I need to change my focus in that direction.

Frontend is easy…

Though I’d argue that this isn’t true, in the scope of my learning – it is easy.

I’ve done this before.

As an Interaction Designer, this is the area that I concentrate on at work – so I’m always still fairly familiar with the presentation layer.

Making things work

That’s now becoming a bit more of a focus for me – I want to make things that do something!

I keep on making notes on Trello of little ideas I have.

‘Simple’ little projects to try and bring to life.

These are usually just straightforward tools that make it easier to perform a task – like pulling random content together to create an idea generator.

But they are still just Trello cards.

I’ve not made anything yet.

Life continues to get in the way

Being a parent, I guess that will keep on being the case!

I don’t think anyone can build anything to solve that – nor would I want them to!

So, time is short and things aren’t easy to learn.

Simple, little projects should be just enough of a motivator to help me get back on track and also to be able to regain some motivation by actually having some ‘things’ that I’ve made.

Do the design afterwards

The designer in me hates that I just wrote that but the learner developer in me needs it to be so.