Back (end) to build

Prototyping at work has led to me reawakening my efforts on Codecademy, and in particular, the Back End Engineer course.


Learning more to build with

Although I have spent most of my time working in the presentation layer of the front end, I still have a desire to ‘build’ things.

A number of ideas that I’ve had have stalled because I’ve not known enough to be able to dig deeper into the functional code to be able to make something work – to make it do the thing I want it to do.

So, I’ve returned to Codecademy and I’m digging back into their Javascript modules with the aim of finally cementing those fundamentals.


What do you build?

This seems to be the problem I face most often – with design or development projects that I come up with.

At work, this kind of thing is easier because someone else is usually providing the idea, the concept. You or I just need to focus on how to make it.

When you’ve got to come up with the idea as well – things can grind to a halt.

I’ve had a number of ideas for project idea generators, seeking to combine a few different variables to come up with ideas. I’d like to understand more about the topic in order to be able to make something that is a bit more well-rounded and will hopefully then provide inspiration for myself and others.