Approaches for learning in public

I’ve got the idea in place for what I want to learn and I’ve got loads of resources to help me learn.

If I want to do this publicly, I need to also consider how I’m going to do so. How can I share?

Content creation is only ever to be a secondary element to this approach – so it needs to be easy at each step of the way.

The aim is to become more of an informer/educator rather than an ‘influencer’ so spending too much time creating content to share is going to defeat the main objective.


This blog is the first step into sharing.

Yes, it’s a default WordPress theme right now.

No, I haven’t customised it.

But that’s the point – it’s an MVP right now. It’s just the right amount of functionality to let me get my thoughts out of my head and into a place where others can see them.

Blogging isn’t without issues though. I can put my thoughts down here, but if no one is here – they still don’t get read.


Social Sharing

Social media platforms make it easy to share content, thus the ‘influencers’.

In the next few days, I’m evaluating the different social media platforms and their potential as platforms for sharing a snippet of progress.

With the aim of also linking back to this blog as a way to get people that are interested to find out more about the process I’m going through now, and the process I’ve gone through to get to wherever I end up in the future.

I will need to be sure to remember and keep things fairly… unrefined for sharing.

In my head, this is like being back in the studio at University, scribbling notes & ideas down in my sketchbook and having people look over at my screen and ask what I’m doing.

Most of this should still look like it’s a work in progress until I get to the point where I might actually have a portfolio piece to share – that would be nice wouldn’t it!?