An open goal for 2022

In 2021 I made 120 commits to Github.

Something to aim for

This year, I’ve made 4 commits already and I think they were all for work.

I set myself a reading goal each year, where I attempt to read more books than I have time for.

I always set the goal to be almost unrealistic, so that I’m always striving to push myself further. The worry is if I set the bar too low – I might reach it.


Just a number

I’m not yet intending to commit to any known or open-source projects, but I don’t want to make writing (and committing code) much more of a habit.

So with 120 commits last year, I thought – should I aim for double this year? That’s 240.

What if I triple it – 360.

Hmm, let’s aim for 365!

I don’t expect to ever be committing every day – I’ve got far too many other things going on to be able to dedicate that much time to this.

I do however think that 365 is up there as a decent number to help me instil the habit.

Here we go!